Strata DDH Hazy IPA


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Single Hop DDH Hazy IPA | 6.2% ABV | Behind the Beer
Head Brewer, Niko Tonks, on the evolution of Fair State Co-op’s newest hazy beer, Strata;

“Strata is a hop that is currently grown exclusively by Indie Hops, from Oregon. We’ve been buying from Indie Hops since day one, and we were lucky enough to get some of this hop way back when it was known as x331 experimental. So we made an IPA that we called “x331,” and then a couple of other IPAs after that, back in the taproom-only days. Spirit Foul was the first can release beer we used Strata in heavily, and the only other canned beer that had Strata in it was Mr. Falcon. 

We brewed this as a single hop beer because Strata is a new hop variety that we think is incredible and that people probably have not fully experienced it yet. It’s been used in lots of things, but I haven’t seen many beers made exclusively with it yet. It’s not very often that you are exposed to a new hop variety that really blows your socks off. 

I like brewing with new ingredients from small producers, even when it can be a challenge to source enough for things like this. I think we’ll see a ton more Strata acreage going in over the next few years, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Strata ends up being right up there with the big name hop varieties. For that reason, it seemed like we should do whatever we can to raise its profile and make sure people know it’s a hop they should be on the lookout for. Acreage for Strata is very limited still, so it’s a challenge to get enough to do things like this!”

Strata is on draft in the taproom 2/28. Strata is packaged in 16oz cans which are making their way to stores the week of March 5th. Look for Strata in MN, WI, SD, IA, and ND.