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Bon Voyage 2020

Brewed cocktail

Look, just because 2020 was pretty terrible and you’re most likely celebrating New Year’s Eve at home in sweatpants, that doesn’t mean we can’t wave bye bye with a little class. Bon Voyage is our “take the high road” farewell to this… not great year. A “winter Spritz,” Bon Voyage is a brewed cocktail composed of our house-made neutral base, cranberry, lemon puree, hibiscus flowers, bitter orange peel, and a hint of nutmeg, all balanced out with brown sugar simple syrup. Sweet, fruity, tart, with a touch of bitterness for balance, it’s best enjoyed however the hell you want. We suggest over ice, in a giant wine glass, with the citrus garnish of your choice, but you do you.


Please keep this cold and drink it soon!