Cooperates Nomination Process Change

Cooperates Long-Term Vision Update

We know that the future success of Fair State Co-op is deeply tied up in the success of our community as a whole. When we volunteer, or donate money through CROWLER sales to our Cooperates partners, we know that is an investment in our collective ability to thrive.

That commitment to our community is why we take our Cooperates program seriously, and why we’ve spent time this year making sure it’s as thoughtful as possible. A result of that process has been a new long-term vision for the program, coming straight from Evan, our CEO.

Fair State Co-op’s vision for the Cooperates program:

  • We will focus our efforts on local organizations.
  • We will have local nonprofit partners in every territory where we do business–even those without taprooms.
  • We will focus our time and capital on partners doing work to further democracy, justice, or to combat climate change.

What does this mean for the Cooperates nomination process?

We will be calling for nominations of local organizations that are doing work within the impact areas of democracy, justice, or combating climate change. 

Wondering what democracy and justice mean, exactly? We see democracy as encompassing work to advance voting rights and to empower citizens to engage within local government. We see justice as encompassing work to create an equitable future in which we are all able to access health care, housing, and employment, and are free from oppressive forms of discrimination. 

If you’d like to read a bit more about this change, you can read a letter from Evan Sallee, our CEO, right here.

You can nominate organizations doing work in the impact areas of democracy, justice, or combating climate change using this Google Form or at the nomination box in the taproom. Nominations will be accepted from August 19th until September 9th. 

We will open voting at Co-optoberfest on September 21, and voting will run (both at the taproom and online via Google Form) until September 28. 

Any questions? Comments? Just want to say hi? As always, please feel free to email

See you at Co-optoberfest!