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High or Dry January

Whether you’re embracing Dry January or just exploring nonalcoholic options, Fair State has your back with a lineup of guilt-free, flavor-packed beverages.

Hop Water and Chill State both contain ZERO SUGAR, ZERO CALORIES, and ZERO CARBS—because your resolutions deserve to be refreshing!

Hop Water

The crispness of sparkling water infused with the bold essence of hops—an excellent option for seltzer lovers, hop heads, or anyone looking for a crispy beer replacement.

NEW! Hop Water Plus

Just in time for Dry January, it’s Hop Water with 50mg caffeine! This sparkling water infused with Strata and Mosaic hops is bright, zippy, crispy, and deeply aromatic with a little boost. With zero calories, carbs, or booze like the rest of our Hop Waters, it’s an excellent option for hop fiends who still have a few hours of work left or beer lovers who need a little extra energy during a night out.

Chill State

Dive into the dank vibes of Chill State! This sparkling water is infused with hemp-derived THC and broad spectrum CBD, and flavored with terpenes, which are hyper-potent plant-derived aroma compounds modeled after strains you might recognize.


Available at the taproom and in stores—and you can now have Chill State delivered directly to your door.

Zero Proof Cocktails

Want to mix it up a little? Every week, we’ll be sharing recipes for zero proof cocktails—created by our staff—using Hop Water and Chill State to help keep your taste buds intrigued.