Fair State Brewing Cooperative is seeking a full-time, production Brewer to join our brewing staff in St. Paul, MN. A little about us: Fair State is one of a very few cooperatively-owned breweries in the US. We began operations at our brewery/taproom in August of 2014. We were fortunate enough to be named one of RateBeer’sRead More

We all know the feeling of the first true spring day in Minnesota–you look out the window, and suddenly it’s fresh green grass, full pink buds and sunbeams. Zoot! is the beer for that day. It’s a witbier, and those typically have a creamy mouthfeel, fruity yeast flavors, and a hint of citrus and spice.Read More

We need your urgent help to support Minnesota breweries seeking to sell growlers, crowlers, bottles, and cans from our taproom. The MN Senate is voting on two amendments, the Growler Cap and Vessel Size Expansion amendments, this week. These two amendments remove restrictions that prohibit MN breweries from offering beer in the vessel size thatRead More

So you want to be on the board… I mean, I totally get it. Being a FSBC board member is pretty great. There are no other meetings I attend on a regular basis that involve a delightful selection of beer. I have so much pride in the product and the company and I love beingRead More

FIND FAIR STATE CO-OP HARD WATER BREWED SELTZER NEAR YOU Hard Water Brewed Seltzer is now available at a craft beer retailer near you. We strongly suggest calling the retailer ahead of time to check their current availability.   Fair State Brewing Cooperative releases Hard Water Brewed Seltzer for distribution in Minnesota on April 1,Read More

|| FIND STRATA NEAR YOU || Strata is now available at a craft beer retailer near you. We strongly suggest calling the retailer ahead of time to check their current availability. Single Hop DDH Hazy IPA | 6.2% ABV | Behind the Beer Head Brewer, Niko Tonks, on the evolution of Fair State Co-op’s newestRead More

  One of the best parts of being a brewer in a small setting is that ideas seem closer at hand, thoughts easier to pull into liquid reality. A great many wacky things – apple brandy barrel-aged barleywine made with heirloom grains and re-fermented on blackberry puree, for example – just don’t make sense forRead More

FSB 2018 | Behind the Beer Head Brewer Niko Tonks, weighs in on our heaviest beer to date… “FSB is different every year – 2014 was a smoked RIS, fermented clean in stainless. 2015 was a barrel-aged gigantic stout fermented with Saison yeast, 2016 was a very similar approach but slightly scaled back – thatRead More

It’s December! Which means Raspberry Roselle is here to brighten your long winter nights with a lovely combination of tart and jammy berry flavors.     Head Brewer Niko Tonks goes behind the beer with Raspberry Roselle… “RASPBERRY ROSELLE WAS A NATURAL FOR US – Hibiscus, the overriding flavor in Roselle, and Raspberry (which weRead More

Brut Squad, our bone-dry IPA is on shelves in Minnesota now! What is a Brut IPA? Think dry, aromatic IPA with very little residual sugar. We’ve stripped down the malt bill on this one to really let the hops shine. Head Brewer Niko Tonks, on his decision to brew a Brut IPA: Really, with thisRead More