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The Most Underrated Brewery in Every State

Fair State Is the kind of place that keeps things small so they can think big.

A great many wacky things — apple brandy barrel-aged barleywine made with heirloom grains and re-fermented on blackberry puree, for example — just don’t make sense for broad distribution, but are possible on a small scale, brewer Niko Tonks wrote on the brewery’s site, and it’s no understatement. No, it’s not all crazy stuff that goes in the cooperative brewery’s cans (side note, membership DEF has privileges), which include a pair of great haze bombs, a hibiscus sour, and a massive pastry stout. But they definitely get wacky with the their bottles, experimenting with mixed fermentation and other whims. And when it comes to the Journeys + Sidequest series, everything goes: It’s a bottle club this year themed around difficult-to-source, hyper-local ingredients.

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