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Fair State and Modern Times Crossed 2,000 Miles for This Near-Perfect IPA

After Fair State Brewing Cooperative released its collaboration with San Diego’s Modern Times, the brewery went from stewards of traditional European brews to Minneapolis’ most desired haze factory. Spirit Foul preempted the release of blockbuster haze-bombs like Mirror Universe, Obscurity of Purpose, and Mr. Falcon, and the demand for the once-limited beer has pushed it into the brewery’s seasonal rotation. Spirit Foul’s 2018 run recently ended, but expect this Minnesota-California juicebox to return in late-2019.

Fair State and Modern Times crossed 2,000 miles to conjure this spectacle of hoppy juiciness, and it was worth every inch of distance.

The New England-style IPA trend may calcify and fade, and drinkers may move on to new innovations, but Spirit Foul will remain as an emblem of the greatness the style can achieve.

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