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Reducing Plastic Use with CanCollars

We’re always considering how we can be more environmentally-conscious throughout every step of our business, and we’re making one change that will help limit the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills.

We are replacing PakTechs with CanCollars, reducing the amount of plastic we use by 15,000 pounds in 2022 alone. While both PakTechs and CanCollars are not readily recyclable, CanCollars offer many benefits:

They improve our environmental footprint.
  • They contain 95% less plastic than PakTechs.
  • They are recyclable at facilities that accept poly-coated paper products like frozen food boxes and paper plates.
They save space.
  • One pallet of CanCollars packs 4x more cans, saving floor space at our production facility.
  • One pallet consists of 81,000 CanCollars versus 19,000 PakTechs.
They drive labor efficiency.
  • One person can apply a full case of CanCollars in 12 seconds using the simple one-motion applicator.
  • They are durable against harsh conditions.
They enhance the consumer experience.
  • They are easy to remove from cans in order to enjoy your beer.

But don’t worry! If you find yourself with a stack of PakTechs at home, bring them to the taproom and hand them off to a bartender; we’ll continue to recycle them for you.