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Fair State Launches First Cannabis Beverage Distribution Center in Minnesota

Fair State Brewing Cooperative launched Minnesota’s first cannabis fulfillment and co-packing house and distribution center exclusively for hemp-derived beverages. Named after Fair State’s cannabis beverage line, Chill State Collective offers co-packing, storing, distribution and endorsement to assist other top-tier cannabeverage brands in Minnesota.

While Fair State Brewing Cooperative is Minnesota’s first and largest beer cooperative, launching Chill State Collective involves creating a new model for cannabeverage distribution in the state. Cannabeverage distribution involves different vendors, stores, licenses and rules than beer distribution. In addition to Chill State’s own hemp-derived THC beverage, five quality beverage brands signed onto the cooperative partnership with Chill State Collective, including Bent Paddle, FIND WUNDER, Happi, Offfield and Plift. The like-minded partners are all committed to the philosophy and goal of making Minnesota’s emerging cannabis market a success.

“We are bringing experienced operators and strategic thinkers together in a new beverage segment, which is really unique,” said Chill State Collective Principal and Program Director Rob Shellman. “We have the best of the best and are dedicated to running this business in a mission-driven and responsible way for Minnesota. We’re aiming to encourage safe cannabis discovery through exceptional quality.”

Chill State Collective’s launch comes only six months after Minnesota’s legalization of THC edibles and infused beverage purchases in July 2022. Since then, many craft breweries and brands have launched cannabis beverages. Cannabeverages are currently available for purchase at various stores, bars and restaurants to anyone 21 and older throughout the state.

Along with the launch of the cannabis beverage distribution center, Chill State is launching its second cannabis beverage: Pineapple Express. The original Chill State beverage includes King Louis and Grapefruit Kush terpene flavors. Chill State’s cannabis beverages are recognizable for highlighting flavors from terpenes, which are hyper-potent plant-derived aroma compounds. Both beverages are light and refreshing with zero calories, added sugar, or artificial sweeteners.

“THC drinks can be polarizing,” said Fair State Brewing Cooperative Marketing Director Michelle Bastyr. “Although some people have been skeptical about the unfamiliar terpene flavors at first, people are finding Chill State highly refreshing as it enhances herbal and tropical cannabis flavors, instead of masking them.”

Most cannabis beverages currently sold in Minnesota contain 2 to 5 milligrams of THC, though select cannabeverages contain varying doses of CBD. For responsible consumption, Chill State Collective recommends understanding the CBD:THC ratio, considering the grams of THC in the drink, and carefully learning personal reactions to various types of cannabinoids. Additionally, combining cannabis and alcohol may cause varying reactions in each person and should be closely monitored.

About Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Fair State Brewing Cooperative is Minnesota’s first co-op brewery and the nation’s first unionized microbrewery and third co-op brewery. Founded in 2014, Fair State’s brewing team focuses on traditional lager beer, hoppy beer, and sour beer. With over 2,000 members, Fair State intends to provide a method for consumers to be more involved in operations and to learn more about the brewing process. Learn more or join the cooperative at fairstate.coop.

About Chill State Collective

Chill State Collective is the premiere cannabis beverage distributorship in Minnesota. Launched by Fair State Brewing Cooperative in 2023, Chill State offers co-manufacturing, warehousing, sales, distribution, events, and education. Working to strengthen the cannabeverage industry and break stigmas, Chill State collaborates with top-tier, quality brands from around the country that are like-minded and share the goal of cultivating Minnesota’s emerging cannabis market. To learn more, visit drinkchillstate.com.