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Cooperates 2021 Programming Announcement

We’re excited to announce a new Cooperates programming plan for 2021! After all that 2020 brought, we’re entering 2021 with a renewed focus on expanding our community work through our Cooperates partnerships.

Our Cooperates programming this year will be divided into three blocks: Justice, Combating Climate Change, and Democracy. Each block will start with a skill-building workshop, then we’ll have the first meeting of that block’s book club, then we’ll have a volunteer opportunity, and then we’ll finish out with the final book club meeting and reflection.

We’re kicking off our four-month block of Justice programming with a workshop from the Sexual Violence Center and registration for our first book club!

  • Our workshop with the Sexual Violence Center will be on Tuesday, 1/26, at 6pm. SVC staff will be sharing strategies about how to be a supportive friend, family member, or partner when someone you love has experienced sexual violence. You can register for the workshop here.
  • We’ll have our first book club meeting on Thursday, 2/18, at 6pm and we’ll be reading the first half of Beyond Survival: Strategies and Stories from the Transformative Justice Movement. You can register for the book club meeting here. We’ll also send out a bit more info via email (including specific page numbers!) to folks who register in advance.
  • Our March volunteer opportunity will be a combination Little Free Pantry food drive throughout the month and a volunteer delivery day on March 20th with SACA. Check back soon for the SACA registration link!
  • We’ll close out the block in April with our final Beyond Survival book club and reflection. Registration for the second book club will be posted here on April 1.

Beyond Survival is available from Moon Palace, Magers & Quinn, and Black Garnet Books, which is Minnesota’s only Black-owned bookstore!