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Third Month of the Year Temporary Insanity Member Beer Bracket

Welcome to the first edition of the Third Month of the Year Temporary Insanity Member Beer Bracket!

It just rolls off the tongue, right?

This year we’ll be bringing back a beer from the depths of our vault… and our members are the ones who decide which beer it’ll be. Want to see the return of Extreme Leisure? How about Keller Kazbek or, God forbid, MECHACHONKER vs. CHONKRA?

If you’re a member, it’s all in your hands. (Not a member yet? Let’s fix that quick.)

Here’s our bracket:

Members get one vote per round. New ballots are sent out every Thursday in the member email newsletter.

Feeling confident? Grab a blank ballot from the taproom and turn in your completed bracket predictions to your friendly Fair State bartender. Perfect ballots will win a top-secret prize after all voting is completed.

May the best beer win!



Not sure what some of these beers are? Here’s your cheat sheet.



 Seed Name Description
1 2014 Fair State IPA Our opening-day IPA recipe. Moderate dankess, citrus, pine – in retrospect, a pretty classic West Coast jammer. 6.4%
2 2015 Pahlay-Ahlay The initial formulation of our long-time pale ale. Not hazy, still slammed with Simcoe and Citra. 4.8%
3 Giantsbane 8% ABV “Double” Stout, named when GoT hadn’t gone off the rails yet.
4 Cromulence Kettle soured Berliner Weiss with no added junk. 4%
5 Citra Sour Barrel-fermented funky pale ale with Citra. 5.7%
6 North/South IPA Our first hazy IPA, albeit unintentional. Hops from S. Africa, malt from MN. 5.9%
7 Winkelman DIPA Our first DIPA, named after our buddy Read. Clear, dry, v. hoppy. 8.4%
8 2016 Session IPA Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado Session IPA – maybe our first-ever beer with Mosaic? 4.8%
9 2014 Stout Our opening-day Stout recipe. 5-something percent, a blend of our favorite dark malts. 5.5%
10 Simcoe Sour Barrel-fermented funky pale ale with Simcoe. 5.7%
11 Du Pounde Saison with Centennial. Dry, rustic, hoppy. 5.2%
12 Pomp Le (REDACTED) Dry hopped “Saison IPA” with Centennial, Meridian, and Cascade. 6%
13 Saison Drei Brett. Saison. 5.8%
14 Tuque Black Sasison with Juniper. 7%
15 Zitronen-Weiss An opening-day beer – Hefeweizen with a hint of Chinook hops and a bunch of fresh lemon juice. 5%
16 Cletus Weizenbock A very early FS beer – basically double-strength Hefeweizen. 7.6%



Seed Name Description
1 MECHACHONKER vs CHONKRA Ambrosia Salad Sour – pineapple, maraschino, (lots of) lactose, mandarin orange, coconut. Collab w/Drekker. 7%
2 Extreme Leisure Passionfruit Guava kettle sour. 4%
3 Raspberry Roselle Hibiscus kettle sour with raspberries. 5.7%
4 DRDR Double-ized version of Raspberry Roselle. 8.1%
5 DBBRR Double-ized version of BBRR (Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry Roselle) 8.1%
6 Productive Confusion Sour DIPA with Mosaic, Lactose, Blueberry, Plum, and Vanilla. 8%
7 Cake Drinker IPA A Vegan Milkshake IPA brewed for the City of Edina (no really, they asked us to). Coconut, Vanilla, and Citra. 6.8%
8 Piña Joe Lada Piña Colada-inspired IPA collab w/Pinthouse Pizza. Coconut, Pineapple, Sabro, Citra. 6.5%
9 Peachtea Keen Mixed Fermentation wheat with Peach Tea. 50% of it was gin barrel-aged. Collab w/Portage. 4.5%
10 Grapefruit Cromulence Berliner Weiss with Grapefruit puree. 4%
11 LACTOBAC 12 (ginger/lemon/grass) Kettle sour wheat with Ginger, Lemongrass, and Lemon. 4%
12 LACTOBAC 1 Our first LACTOBAC! Kettle sour wheat beer with… nothing else. In 2015 sour beer was a big deal, ok? 5.9%
13 Pray For Mojo Vegan Milkshake DIPA collab w/KCBC (NYC).  Mosaic, Almond milk, banana, coconut, raspberry, blueberry, vanilla. Whew. 8.2%
14 Beach Umbrella A real pandemic casualty. Cocktail-inspired kettle sour with orange, pineapple, lime, coconut, cinnamon, vanilla, and oak chips. 8.25%
15 LACTOBAC 7 (Blackberry) The seventh LACTOBAC, kettle sour with lots of blackberry puree. 4.3%
16 Bricoleur no.1 Half kettle soured, primary fermentation with Brett. and Saison yeast, dry-hopped with Eukanot, Citra, and Nelson Sauvin. Maybe the single most tropical beer we’ve ever made, but it’s got a French name so no one bought it.. 5.3%



Seed Name Description
1 Keller Kazbek Unfiltered pilsner with Czech-grown Kazbek hops. 5%
2 Jiggleproofer Wheat lager collab w/Live Oak. Hoppy, bitter, crisp. 4%
3 FS Lyte All-malt Lyte lager hopped extensively with OR Crystal. 4.3%
4 2014 Hoplager The beer A-BInbev didn’t want us to make. Dry-hopped pale lager with Crystal and Cascade. The OG 2014 recipe. 5.3%
5 Nigori Natsu-Biru An unfiltered Japanese-inspired rice lager with a hint of Sake yeast. Collab w/Dangerous Man. 5.2%
6 Fully Krausened Tiny little pale lager collab w/Live Oak. 3.7%
7 North Star Pils Pilsner brewed with Rahr North Star Pils malt and Diamant hops. 4.4%
8 Canyonero Lightly smoked Vienna-inspired lager. 5.2%
9 Who Broke the Hype Machine? German-style black lager. The ultimate in hype. 5%
10 Favor of the Foxes Strong dark lager with coffee and vanilla. Recipe by FS brewer Nick Walby! 6.6%
11 Oh. My. Grodz Grodziskie (smoked Polish-style wheat beer) collab w/Lua. 3.5%
12 1959 Lager A beer brewed from the JW Lees 1959 lager recipe, for an historic lager fest in St. Louis. Weensy beer with some weird heirloom malt and rice. 3.9%
13 Keller Blanc Kellerpils slammed with Hallertau Blanc. Mucho dank. Recipe by FS Member-Owner Kyle Schmidt!
14 Urban Sombrero Ein Helles Rauchbier, aka a smoked pale lager. 5.3%
15 DENT An all-organic corn lager. Collab w/BANG brewing, also our very first cereal-mashed beer. 4.7%
16 2014 Rauchbock Our take on the famous strong/dark smoked lagers of Bamberg. 6%



Seed Name Description
1 Next Big Thing IPA YCH research program IPA brewed with HBC692, aka Talus. Insane aroma profile, tropical/coconut/citrus. 6.5%
2 Strata IPA Single hop DDH IPA with Strata from Indie Hops. A beautiful stand-alone hop that brings citrus/pine/passionfruit/dankness. 6.2%
3 Can Phone DDH DIPA collab w/Blackstack. Idaho 7, Mosaic, Talus, Columbus Cryo. 8%
4 Flavor Pop Technology High-tech IPA brewed with YCH’s “Cryo Pop” hop blend that we helped trial. 6.8%
5 Morgoth IPA DDH IPA collab w/Modern Times. High Oil Cascade, Simcoe Cryo, Sultana. 7.2%
6 PRINTING MONEY $$$ Hoppy little saison that was almost TOO popular for its own good. Definite staff favorite. 4%
7 Rock, Flag, & Eagle Cold IPA collab w/Dangerous Man. Citra Cryo, Idaho 7, Simcoe. 6.1%
8 Tiny Hammer of Death Hoppy saison collab w/Burial. Ahtanum Cryo, Crystal, wheat and oats. 3.8%
9 Yacht Bock Helles “Brut” Bock. Impossibly Smooth, Memorably Powerful. 9.6%
10 Space Hangs IPA Cold IPA (made before it was cool) designed for social distancing. Or just drinking, whatever. Simcoe, Citra, 5.5%
11 MUV: Emotions Chip (Kveik IPA) An insane 100% wheat (that’s right, Modist, we can do it too!) Mirror Universe variant brewed with Kveik yeast and triple dry hopped with Simcoe Cryo, Mosaic Cryo, and El Dorado. 6.7%
12 Medieval England Reference ESB Fans of a now-defunct local brewery that specialized in the ales of the UK may remember this ESB fondly, because we totally just asked Adam for the recipe and he gave it to us. A piece of Northeast MPLS brewing history right here. 5.6%
13 Wired & Well-Connected Hold Steady-inspired coffee stout with Duluth Coffee cold press. Served on nitro. 4.7%
14 Dorado Gold Brett. IPA with lots of El Dorado. We’ve never made a more pineapple-y beer. 6%
15 Killin Snakes! Scotch Ale designed and brewed by our then packaging manager and everybody’s favorite human Jimmy Pancakes. 6.5%
16 Artsy Fartsy The first beer we put in cans, for Art-A-Whirl 2015. Our only regret is we didn’t also hold the “Less Artsy, More Fartsy Chili Cook-Off” we had planned. Golden ale with Simcoe. It was good. You don’t remember it, but that’s ok. 4.8%