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This Hazy IPA Will Have You Seeing Dots

Into the Haze with Spirit Foul

While there’s no denying this has been the summer of hard seltzer and the White Claw Apocalypse, some of us continue to turn our attention to Hazy IPAs (and please, no HASHTAG HAZEBRO, please).

These New England-style IPAs are well known for their hazy, unfiltered appearance and excessive-to-the-point-of-ludicrous juiciness. We don’t know if Lizzo turns to this dank, hazed-out juice, but it wouldn’t come as a great shock. Fair State Co-op and Modern Times collaborated on this hazy IPA back in 2018, but they re-released it into the wild earlier this year, and it’s a welcome addition to anyone’s local bottle shop with its eye-popping design.

To learn more about one of our favorite craft beer designs, we turned to Little creative director and VP Mike Schacherer and Fair State Brewing’s co-founder Niko Tonks to hear more about this tasty brew that has us seeing, well, dots.

Spirit Foul is, like many hazy IPAs, very soft, low bitterness, and emphasizes ‘juicy’ and tropical flavors. On its best days, I get flavors and aromas reminiscent of the Dole Pineapple-Orange-Banana juice I remember from childhood. The unique part of Spirit Foul is that we built it around a relatively new and exciting hop variety from Oregon called Strata. – Niko Tonks

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