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How to Taste in Sample Ox

Drinking beer… for science! We’re now using Sample Ox, a fun app to that you can use to evaluate our beer (and that we can use to see what kind of beer you like!).

To complete a tasting in Sample Ox as a consumer: 

  1. Download the free Sample Ox app 
  2. Create an account so that your tastings can be logged and sensory education progress recorded 
  3. Search “Fair State” to find available tastings 
  4. Select the tasting you wish to join & start tasting! 
  5. Tasters will be eligible for discounts, giveaways and more! 

Get your beer from our online shop! This month’s featured panels are:

  • Crankin’ Foamers Lime panel
  • #Lagerlyfe panel: includes Pils, Vienna & Crankin’ Foamers
  • Summer Crushers panel: includes Party Forward, Pils, Crankin’ Foamers, Pahlay
  • Mix & Match IPA panel: includes IPA, Mirror Universe


How to taste: 

  1. Pour your sample into a clear, pre-rinsed glass 
  2. Visually evaluate the appearance
    • Color 
      • Hold your sample up to a white background 
      • Slide through the color scale until you find the shade that closely matches your beer 
        • SRM scale for most samples
        • Full color scale for fruited beers 
    • Evaluate haze 
      • Clear, low, medium or high 
  3. Evaluate aroma using the Beer Flavor Map. Keep in mind, the majority of “flavor” is actually smell! 
    • Start with a distant sniff to identify delicate aromas present in lower amounts 
      • Gently swirl your glass and hold ~3 inches from your chin 
      • Inhale deeply through your nose and note any aromas coming to mind 
    • Vapor trail 
      • Wave your glass back and forth underneath your nose a few times and inhale deeply 
    • Deep sniff 
      • Cover your glass and gently swirl. Hold directly under your nose and inhale deeply twice to flood your nasal receptors with tastants (aka flavor molecules) 
    • Search for and select aromas using the Beer Flavor Map. 
  4. Taste! Take a sip and allow the sample to coat all parts of your mouth. 
      • Is it sweet? Salty? Sour? Bitter? 
      • Score tastes as either low, medium or high 
  5. Mouthfeel! This is just a fancy way of asking about sensation. How does the beer feel in your mouth? 
      • Body- thin (like a light lager); medium (like a hazy pale ale); thick (think pastry stouts) 
      • Carbonation- ranges from still (uncarbonated) to effervescent (champagne) 
      • Alcohol- the warming sensation you get when you take a shot of whiskey 
      • Drying- tannic, astringent; oversteeped tea
      • Spicy- specifically, the pain response associated with capsaicin