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Get Fair State Co-op Beer Delivered!

Our taproom is currently open normal hours, but we encourage you to follow the recommendations of the Minnesota Department of Health (available here) and stay home if you’re feeling sick or are in a higher-risk group. For our customers who are quarantining or exercising responsible social distancing, there are a number of accounts that offer delivery of alcohol.

Listed below are current accounts in Minnesota that offer this service. 

Total Wine and More 

Central Ave Liquor 

South Lyndale Liquor



McDonalds Liquor

5010 S 34th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55417

(612) 721-6686



Edina Liquor

Elevated Beer, Wine & Spirits (MSP and White Bear)

Thomas Liquor 

North Loop 

1010 Washington 

Hennepin Lake

Byerlys St Louis Park 

Liquor Village