Keeping Fair State Fresh

Hey Fair Staters,

We have some exciting news regarding our Fair State To-Go program. We have a new way to get you better, fresher beer: In a crowler. It’s not a tall boy. It’s not a 40. It’s a CROWLER. It’s a giant 750mL. can.

Fair State crowler

Putting Fair State beer in CROWLERS enables us to more reliably package great beer for you to take home and share with friends. Cans provide an airtight seal and hard-lining, ensuring the beer avoids oxidation and light, and remains as fresh as possible. It pairs much more conveniently with biking, hiking, paddling, and enjoying the Minnesota outdoors as the vessel is less prone to breakage. Fuel costs of transportation are reduced due to substantially lighter weight, and cans are more easily recyclable.

However,CROWLERS are different from traditional cans in their filling and seaming. You’ll want to drink the contents within a week much as you would from a growler. The motto: keep it cold, drink it fresh.

We’ll transition into this new Fair State To-Go program over the course of March and officially implement crowlers beginning April 2.  CROWLERS will be pre-filled before service hours enabling us to best attend to our members and guests. Thus, varieties will depend on availability.

Yours in beer,

Fair State Co-op

The details:

  • CROWLERS will be available at the Fair State Taproom starting 4.2. If you have a Fair State growler that you’d like to return, you can do so through 4.1 and you’ll receive a $5 Taproom credit. $3 for your 750mL Fair State vessels.
  • Starting 4.2, we won’t accept growler returns anymore. Any growlers still remaining in our inventory will be sold as merchandise. If you bring in a clean growler, we’ll be happy to fill it, though if the growler is dirty, we’ll have to turn you down.