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Fair State members are investing in the future of the brewery. You can too.

We’ve launched a member preferred share offering, which is a common vehicle that co-ops use to allow members to invest in the business. By investing through this offering you can help ensure that Fair State not only survives the COVID-19 crisis, but thrives well into the future with a physical expansion of the taproom space.

When you invest in Fair State, You’re Investing In...

A local business where the community gathers

Fair State is more than a business, it's a valued third space for members and guests. It’s marriage proposals and beer garden bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations and baby showers. It's a place where you can meet old friends or new business partners. It’s a place where everyone has a seat at the bar.

Our non-profit Cooperates partners

Each month we partner with a different nonprofit organization, as selected by our members. In these partnerships, we raise funds through beer sales and facilitate volunteer opportunities. Ten percent of our crowler sales are donated to our Cooperates partners$13,930 in 2019. We’re proud to sell beer that gives back.

Our talented and committed staff

Our reputation for industry-leading pay and benefits has attracted a world-class staff. We pay all of our staff a living wage, four weeks of PTO, family leave, and other benefits unheard of in craft beer. We invest in our people, they invest in us, and in turn we have been able to build a uniquely successful business.

Member Testimonials

"After moving into our first place together in 2015, blocks away from Fair State, we went to Co-optoberfest one of the first weekends living there. Quickly nighttime in the beer garden became our favorite spot, soon after the taproom became our second living room. Celebrations, good days, bad days. Fair State means so much to us for so many reasons." -Camille, Member #640

"I’ve been coming to Fair State ever since it opened. The creativity that comes from this place is absolutely stunning. They innovate and experiment constantly, finding new favorite flavors along the way. Fair State has a beer for you, whomever you are. This is my favorite brewery, and I’m proud to be a member owner." -Scott, Member #990
"I became a member to align with my values. Fair State is a place that is invested in its community and community members and I wanted to be a part of it. They not only make great beer, they support great causes and employ and serve great people. I'm so grateful for everything they do for NE Minneapolis, the whole Twin Cities and beyond." -Dan, Member #1087
"Businesses should strive to be good stewards of the community and Fair State is an excellent example of this. Their passion for brewing quality beer fosters community, friendship, local economic growth, environmental sustainability, and philanthropy. And that's why I became a member." - Michael, Member #811
"Fair State is important to me because it helps me connect with my community. Not just a community of craft beer but of family, friendship, engagement, and inclusiveness. All of that, and all of the people, give me a greater sense of well-being." - Chad, Member #153
"I am proud to be the first non-founder to write Fair State a $200 member check. From helping to seal the taproom's brick walls and writing the first member cards, to celebrating a new distribution brewery and seeing Fair State on shelves in Japan, it's been an awesome ride. Sign me up for what's next!" -Kat, Member #4

Your Support Ensures A Thriving Future

Together, we survive the COVID-19 crisis

The international crisis surrounding COVID-19 has severely interrupted business and our daily lives. Simply put, our business has been ravaged by this pandemic, and we know that similar stories are playing out across the world. However, Fair State has faced challenges before and we have adapted and persevered. When this crisis hit, we worked around the clock to launch to-go, curbside, and delivery while simultaneously applying for every form of federal and state relief available to us. We made tough decisions about furloughs and pay cuts. We did get some federal and state assistance. We are grateful for it, but it will not allow us to get back to “normal”it bought us a couple more months to figure out how to survive. Which is why we are asking you for your help. The member preferred share offering is one piece of the plan to survive this. We are asking you to invest today to help ensure that Fair State not only survives, but thrives, with a physical expansion of the taproom space.

Together, we can physically expand our taproom space and programming

We've been dreaming up this taproom expansion project for years, and in the late winter of 2020 it started to become a reality. This expanded taproom space is more important than ever. It will allow us more room as we look to safely reopen, and will be an experimental lab for innovative, world-building programming and adventurous beers. This space will allow us to package beer much more efficiently, so that we could comfortably ramp up production of to-go, taproom-only beers in the future. This space will allow us to push our boundaries, and nearly double what's on tap any given day. This will be a place to embrace the weird and fun and risky, without interrupting the cozy neighborhood feel of the original taproom space. This space is a story of resiliency and hope. It is the story of our future. We're asking you to join us in building it.

Invest today

The member preferred share offering is open to any Fair State Brewing Cooperative member who is a resident of the State of Minnesota.

If you are not currently a Fair State Co-op member, but would like to become one, you can do so here.

To learn more about the offering and how it works, please see the FAQ or submit a question.


For individual investors.

Minimum investment amount is one share at $500.

Individual with partner

For investors with a household membership. (Optional)

Minimum investment amount is one share at $500.

Interest Form

Not quite ready to invest, but want to know more? Submit an interest form and one of our founders will give you a call to follow up. You can also send us an email with any questions.


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