Fair State Cooperates January: Juxtaposition Arts

Juxtaposition Arts Team

When Fair State began in 2014, we were the first of our brewery-cooperative kind in Minnesota. Joining the ranks of other types of cooperatives in the cities, we wanted to bring a stronger sense of community to the brewing world to share ideas and expand opportunities.

Though it’s not cooperative itself, Juxtaposition Arts (JXTA) values much of the same sentiments around community and professional growth. By inviting students across the cities, and primarily the Northside, to participate and learn within an engaged community, JXTA embodies the spirit of creative opportunity.

This month, to show our support, Fair State has partnered with JXTA to donate ten percent of all CROWLER sales to their programming.

JXTA began in 1995 and has steadily grown over the past two decades. It not only provides a community space for young urban artists to learn and practice their craft but it also offers several pathways for students to learn– through workshops and apprenticeships alike.


Juxtaposition Arts Team

One program, the Visual Art Literacy Training workshop — also known as VALT — gives students a hands-on opportunity to create art with the guidance of industry professionals. This program is the precursor to students joining the Art Lab program, in which they can become a paid artist apprentice. In this program, students choose a specific artistic focus to study and practice– from screenprinting to public art and mural art, from graphic design to environmental design.

JXTA is located on the Northside of the city, and primarily employs students who have some connection to the Northside area. They opened their first location and headquarters on Emerson Avenue in 2004, and later expanded into a building on West Broadway just a few miles from our Taproom. These spaces include galleries, offices, programming spaces, and artist studios.

Last Thanksgiving, JXTA also participated in “Black Friday on Broadway” an initiative to focus on the stores and businesses along West Broadway. At the event, JXTA sold art, t-shirts, and textiles all created by the students in the programs.

Most recently, JXTA was awarded a special $50,000 grant from the Super Bowl Host Committee Legacy Fund. This grant will help them design and build the first skate park in North Minneapolis. Youth apprentices in the Environmental Design Lab will work on the conceptualization and the design of the space, in collaboration with other local organizations.

To learn more about Juxtaposition Arts and their initiatives for 2018, you can visit their website. To help Juxtaposition Arts fund some of those initiatives for 2018, buy a CROWLER and automatically donate 10%.

To the community of creative opportunity — cheers!