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New Beer Thursday: YCH Biotransformation IPA

3.26.20 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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YCH Biotransformation IPA coming to the taps this Thursday

First in a series. YCH has contracted with us for 2020 to do some research brewing related to new hop products. They’ll either be new varieties, new blends, new derivative products (extracts, cryo, etc) or new techniques. That means these beers will more often than not be at the cutting edge of what the Brewing Innovations team at YCH is working on.
This particular beer is designed around a proprietary blend of hops designed to maximize the effects of biotransformation in mid-fermentation dry hopping. They’re calling it the “Bio-T” blend. Long story short, it turns out certain yeasts have an ability to digest certain compounds present in hops and in so doing create a bunch more desirable aromatic compounds. It’s kinda technical but the net effect is if you dry hop mid-fermentation with certain hops and yeasts, you end up with a bunch more hop aroma of a more desirable type.
TL;DR: We’re partnering with YCH to do science. The result should be a jucier IPA. Come try it.