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New Beer Thursday: Pahlay’Ahlay

6.16.22 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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As the winner of our member March Madness beer bracket this year, this is an exact re-brew of the very first batch of Pahlay’Ahlay from 2015. Available only on tap at the taproom!

I still remember the first time I brewed Pahlay’Ahlay in early Summer 2015 because it was the first time we’d been able to get our hands on “fancy” hops like Citra and Simcoe. Things have changed since then, re: hop availability, but for a tiny brewery like us back then, it felt like a big deal to be sitting on boxes of “name brand” hops people get excited about.

The beer itself was an exercise in simplicity—dry, clear, moderately bitter, with more hops on the hot side and less in the fermenter than we do these days. The results were fantastic. Everyone loved it, despite not being able to pronounce the name, and we kept it on all year. Honestly, it’s a joy to get to re-brew this beer; it just feels like it’s a product of a “simpler” time in craft beer, and there are lots of happy memories associated with it.



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