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New Beer Thursday: Crankin’ Foamers + Foamers Lime

5.25.23 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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They’re baaaaaaaaack.

That’s right, it’s time to crank some foamers! Now available at the taproom and in distribution for a limited time only. Find Fair State in stores near you.

Join us on Saturday, May 27 for Foamers n’ Franks! Head to the beer garden from 12 noon-2 pm to enjoy bottomless Crankin’ Foamers and Foamers Lime for $20—along with free hot dogs and veggie burgers (while supplies last).

Crankin’ Foamers

“Crankin’ Foamers” is an excellent term for drinking beer, so we decided to make a beer called Crankin’ Foamers—and of course it had to be an easy-drinking corn lager. It’s made using a traditional method that utilizes modern ingredients. It’s made using a cereal mash (where we start with actual corn grits, boil them, and then add them to the mash). It’s then lagered for many, many weeks, resulting in a crispy, crushable, slammin’ beer.

Foamers Lime

The American Drinking Beer with lime added for enhanced crankability. Foamers Lime is our idea of a perfect summer day, in can form. It’s our favorite drinking beer, described just above, with some really choice lime puree thrown into the mix. Bright, zesty, juicy, maximally crisp and drinkable.