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New Beer Thursday: Business Decisions

7.28.22 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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Around here, we live by the words “Always Be Closing.” We synergize in our SLEEP. We put pins in more circle back tabled items during our daily stand-ups than anyone else. We touch base on mad workflows. Our email inboxes are immaculate. We eat, sleep, and breathe deals. All of this business-ing can be taxing, so at the end of our daily office-based dominance, we admit that we like to drill down into some serious haze. We prefer to be kept in the loop on the latest innovations in the hop space while keeping an eye on proven winners—ignore the fundamentals at your own risk, y’all—and so we’ve synergized two of our favorites here. HBC586 and Strata are heavy-hitters that never fail to achieve their tropical flavor quotas. It’s just good business, people.