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New Beer Thursday: All of All of Us

3.10.22 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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Orthodoxy is usually limiting, wherever it pops up. IPA is no exception. Hazy IPAs must be straight juice, malt sweetness, no bitterness. West Coast IPAs must be hard-edged, super bitter, and piney. We need to free our minds, people! All of All of Us is one vision of the future for IPA. Hazed, yes, but more as a byproduct of hop-loading than as an intentional aesthetic. Juicy and tropical, absolutely, but blended productively with old-school hops chosen carefully to lend a balance of pine and citrus to the picture. 

The immersive sensory experience we’re aiming for is drinking a tropical cocktail while sitting in a hot tub somewhere in the mountains, surrounded by an aromatic pine forest. 

Available on tap, in crowlers, and in distribution.