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New Beer Thursday

11.7.19 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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Party Forward: YCH Research Edition coming to the taps this Thursday

Get your beer nerd glasses on for this one 🤓

These beers are part of a study Yakima Chief Hops is doing to examine some key process differences between traditional “T90” hop pellets, which are the standard hop pellet containing approximately 90% of the original vegetable matter of the hop cone (hence T90), and Cryo pellets, which are a concentrated variety (roughly equivalent to a T35 pellet) that reduces the amount of vegetable matter in the pellet and concentrates the valuable oils.

The main criteria that the study is examining aren’t exactly consumer-facing things – mainly it is concerned with post dry hop fermentation, diacetyl production and reduction, and finished product yields. However, it should still be fun to try the beers side by side!

One is a Party Forward brewed with 100% T90 Citra pellets, and the other is a Party Forward brewed with 80% Cryo Citra pellets. One cool thing about these two is that the hops used are from the same original lot in the field, half of which was pelletized as T90, and half of which went through the Cryo separation process and then pelleted.

Beer nerd glasses off 😎 In other words…

Come drink Party Forward on Thursday!