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Hot Poked Beers: Lobster Stuffed with Tacos

1.20.24 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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For one day only, last year’s Lobster Stuffed with Tacos will be available on draft and in cans!

Grab a pour and head to the beer garden—we’ll be tending the fire for hot poked beers from 4–6 pm. Continuing this cold weather tradition, dipping a red hot poker into your beer caramelizes the sugars and adds a roasty sweetness.

All ages are welcome!

We’ll have complimentary ingredients for s’mores.

Sausage Saturdays

Make it a meal! Every Saturday, we have specialty sausages from Kramarczuk’s available in addition to hot dogs (while supplies last).

Next event

We’ll be hot poking beers again on Tuesday, January 23 from 5–7 pm. Hot poked beers on a weeknight? That’s right—and we’re putting all the barrel-aged beers we’ve got on tap for you! We’re all adults here. Grab a pour of Cognac barrel-aged stout, Port barrel-aged stout, or barrel-aged Cooperator Doppelbock and head to the beer garden for a hot poke from the fire.