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Cellar Saturday


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Every Saturday, stop by the taproom to sample limited-edition bottles and brews. This week, you can try Methode 2020 (lambic-style beer) and More is More (barrel-aged stout).

Methode 2020
I love spontaneously fermented beers. There’s so much going on, and no two taste alike. I like how the aged hops give notes of cheese rind that round out the lactic acid character and provide some bitterness. The ferulic acid adds a sumac-like flavor that presents as perceived sweetness, while all the microflora that fermented this beer add a pleasant funk. It’s hard to write about beers like this because so many of the descriptors can be off-putting to those who aren’t familiar with the style, but if you know you know.
—Zach, Innovation Brewer

More is More
Thick, high gravity stouts are all the rage these days. As they’ve grown more popular, they’ve gotten sweeter, boozier, and more adjunct-laden. That’s made for some highly sought-after beer. But one can’t help but wonder, with all these innovations in stout brewing, what the beer would taste like without all the non-traditional ingredients? Here’s your chance to find out. More is More is a thoroughly modern imperial stout sans adjuncts. Without all the vanilla, coconut, coffee, fried chicken, peanut butter, and cinnamon muddying the waters, it’s pretty interesting to see how many layers of flavor can still be achieved. To me it comes across as a root beer float made with chocolate ice cream and coffee liqueur. Pretty cool.
—Zach, Innovation Brewer