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Café Tropical

9.1.22 - 9.3.22
Summer’s not over yet.

You loved it so much last spring, we’re bringing Café Tropical back for one last bash before summer is over. The taproom will again transform into a cozy craft cocktail bar with hard seltzer–based drinks and specialty slushies taking over the taps. Head to the taproom to enjoy full on tropical vibes!


$10 ($9 for co-op members)
Featuring all the garnish, umbrellas, and crazy straws

Piña Colada Fruityboom
7.7 ABV
Hard seltzer, pineapple, lime, coconut
(Also available in to-go pouches!)

Jungle Bird
8.7 ABV
“Light Rum” + “Campari” hard seltzers, pineapple, lime, simple syrup

Adult Swim
8.5 ABV
“Spiced Blackstrap” + “Campari” hard seltzers, pineapple, orgeat, coffee

8.3 ABV
“White Rum” + “Curaçao” hard seltzers, pineapple, orange, coconut

Blue Hawaiian
7.4 ABV
“White Rum” + “Curaçao” hard seltzers, pineapple, coconut, lime