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[SOLD OUT] Blue Collar Supper Club: Taco Bell Popup

2.13.22 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Yes, you read that right. Blue Collar Supper Club is whipping up a Taco Bell–inspired menu for a popup at the taproom! Packages are available for preorder on Blue Collar Supper Club’s website January 24–February 6.

They’ll be featuring their version of the best thing on the menu: THE CHEESY GORDITA CRUNCH. Stay tuned for all the teasers including but not limited to: stacks and stacks of handmade tortillas, the perfect “fire-ablo” sauce, certain sugary cinnamon spirals, new merch, and more. Enjoy it at the taproom or take it to go!

We’ll also have a Baja Blast brew available on tap with $1 from each pour being donated to the Queer Food Foundation.


BCSC invites queer people slow down, eat up, and connect through fun and approachable dining so they can feel seen, valued, and cared for. It started as a way for their proprietor Julian to scratch their itch to entertain and serve others while expressing memories of their working-class Wisconsin roots through re-imagined ingredients and flavors, leading to memorable creations such as scratch-made “cool ranch Doritos” and gluten-free fried chicken.

But, BCSC has evolved into a way to nourish and strengthen community. Through multiple styles of service BCSC creates authentically welcoming environments that lower the stakes it takes to meet new people and build strong relationships. Clubs are designed with a queer experience in mind to instill confidence, resilience, and belonging in each person who takes a seat around our table. Do you have to be queer? Nope! You do have to understand our intention and follow the community agreements that our members have put together. We believe that food can bring so many different communities together!


Queer Food Foundation is a collective of queer individuals who work at all intersections of the food system — from food justice, culinary to community organizing, media, hospitality, and more. They are passionate about holding space for the queer community in food. They aim to share their skills, knowledge, and experiences to create a thriving, represented, and intersectional food system. Their mission is to be a resource and platform for queer food workers and chefs; and secondarily promote, protect, and, fund queer food spaces. To date they’ve distributed 96 grants, highlighted 100+ queer folks or organizations, donated 100+ hours, and raised $20K+.