Brewer’s Statement on Journeys + SIdequests


One of the best parts of being a brewer in a small setting is that ideas seem closer at hand, thoughts easier to pull into liquid reality. A great many wacky things – apple brandy barrel-aged barleywine made with heirloom grains and re-fermented on blackberry puree, for example – just don’t make sense for broad distribution, but are possible on a small scale.

Now that our Saint Paul Brewery is running with a great team, it’s taken a lot of pressure off of our original, tiny brewery in Minneapolis. That equipment, and I, are now begging for a chance to brew the kinds of “What if?” beers we never had time to do before.

Our new annual bottle club, Journeys + Sidequests, is that chance, and the beers in our 2019 edition, Bag of Tricks, feature difficult-to-source or extremely local ingredients, non-traditional collaborations, and processes that we don’t normally have the time or resources to pursue. Most of them are barrel-aged or fermented, many of them are higher in the ABV register than we normally go, and all of them take risks.

I’m excited for Journeys + Sidequests because it’s an opportunity to really stretch creatively, and what makes it truly special is knowing that there are people along for the ride. You can join from now through January 31, and then we’ll start dropping bottles in February. As a gift for joining, we’ll send you some excellent merch, and you plus a guest will also be invited to a party later in the year. If this sounds as fun to you as it does to me, then I hope you’ll show your support and join now so that we can dial in our plans. Plus, member-owners get $50 off using the coupon code we’ve sent (check your email!)

We know it’s a risk to sign up for something like this, but we’re confident this particular adventure will be worth it. Thanks for being with us for so many great beers along the way, and here’s hoping you’ll share many more with us in 2019.

Niko Tonks
Co-Founder and Head Brewer
Fair State Brewing Cooperative


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