Behind the Beer: Festbier & Keller Kazbek

Cheers to Three Years

Hello, local beer drinker, we’ve got some beer news for you!

We just dropped a 3rd Anniversary release of mixed four pack of 16 oz. cans that contain two of our very favorite limited edition lagers: Festbier and Keller Kazbek. With any luck, you’ll be seeing it in stores by the end of this sentence.Mixed Lager Pack

Normally, anniversary beers are an opportunity for a brewery to stretch its legs and do something intense. We decided to ignore precedent and go a different route. These beers aren’t the loudest, the wackiest, the most alcoholic or hoppy or sour or barrel-aged or cream-filled. They are, however, good examples of the types of beers we get really excited to brew and to drink. Uncomplicated, well-made, painstaking homages to classic European beer styles. It is our hope that you agree, and that these beers become staples of your early Autumn.

The limited edition Mixed Lager Pack can be found at the locations tagged in this Instagram post.


Our Festbier is modeled after the modern German interpretation of the Oktoberfest classic – paler, less heavy, but still delightfully malty and not super bitter. We employed a single-decoction mash, meaning we boiled part of the grain/water mixture for the first time at the new brewery to enhance those toasty, malty notes without getting a ton of caramel sweetness or too much color out of it. Built for celebrations, this beer is perfectly calibrated for consumption by the liter.

Pour this one into a dimpled mug or stein. 5.7% ABV, 20 IBU

*Pro Tip: 16 oz. cans are pretty close a half liter each, thus this 4-Pack yields one proper pour of Festbier. Stock up accordingly.

Festbier Cabin


Keller Kazbek

Keller Kazbek is an unfiltered German-style pilsner brewed with Kazbek hops from the Czech Republic. The designation “keller” refers to beer served from the conditioning tank without the intermediary step of filtration, so you may notice some haze in this beer (it’s supposed to be there). Kellerbiers can be modeled after any lager style – in our case the inspiration is northern German Pilsner. Kazbek is an interesting hop that has a pretty unique aroma that is much more “grassy” or almost hay-like, combined with the classic noble hop spicy/floral aroma.

Pour this one into a dimpled mug or stein. 4.9% ABV, 38 IBU

Keller Kazbek


Fair State Lagers

Cans: Pils (year-round flagship), Festbier + Keller Kazbek (limited edition Mixed Lager pack)

On draft:

  • Pils
  • Festbier
  • Keller Kazbek
  • DENT, an organic corn lager brewed in collaboration with Bang Brewing.
  • Urban Sombrero, a smoked helles lager
  • FS Lyte, an American light lager
  • Vienna Lager
Festbier Cabin