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Who Touched the Thermostat?!

West Coast IPA

Look, sometimes you just have to toss away your pretensions and admit that the classics are classic for a reason. We’re celebrating the Golden Age of Craft Beer this October, and no homage would be complete without a version of the beer that made Craft Beer Craft Beer: the West Coast IPA. Our special version here is not afraid to be bitter, hoppy, and everything we remember falling in love with.

Who Touched The Thermostat?! is a West Coast IPA that isn’t shy about its origins. Bitter, pithy, punchy, and big, it’s packed with Simcoe, Strata, and Mosaic hops for a blend of pine, dankness, stonefruit, citrus, and tropical aromas. It’s Dad Beer for all of us, dedicated to those enthusiasts of max IBUs and efficient use of BTUs out there.

Tasting Notes

Bitter, piney, dank, citrus, stonefruit, tropical

Flavor Profile