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Eleven Degrees

Czech-style Dark Lager

Malty and round, with some dark malt flavor but none of the acrid roast character one might find in a stout, Eleven Degrees is everything we want dark lager to be. Our version of this classic is decoction-mashed for extra malt intangibles, and is balanced out by an addition of spicy, herbal Kazbek hops. Honestly this is the sort of beer we’d brew all the time if we could.

Eleven Degrees gets its name from the seasonally appropriate intersection of Minnesota air temperatures and Czech beer naming conventions. In the Czech tradition, beers are referred to by number as much as name—8 degree, 10 degree, 12 degree—which refers to the relative strength of the beer. You might have to be Minnesotan to love 11 degrees as an air temperature, but we think pretty much anyone can enjoy the beer version.

Tasting Notes

Crisp but malty, subtle roast/chocolate notes, herbal hops, harmonious

Process Notes