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Buh. Bye.

Triple Dry Hopped Double IPA

2020 is over. Kaput. Outta here. One way or the other that jerk will not be around anymore. Never again. Buh. Bye.

This beer is our not-so-fond farewell to a terrible year, and it’s also a pretty solid beverage to drink at home while you ring in 2021. It also happens to be the biggest, stickiest, hoppiest DIPA we’ve ever made. Triple Dry Hopped with NINE POUNDS per barrel (nearly double Mirror Universe) of the dankest top secret cryo blends, plus Citra and Talus, for maximum mango, tropical, berry, and citrus. All the hop flavors, in one place. We hope you enjoy this far (far) more than any of us have enjoyed this tire fire of a year.

Tasting Notes

Massively hoppy. Like, maybe too much



Process Notes

Triple Dry Hopped