Where no can has gone before…

We celebrated the launch of our Mirror Universe hazy IPA by sending a can of it into the stratosphere!

Fair State employees, friends, and member-owners gathered in a park in Lakeville to see the beer off as they launched it towards space lifted by a weather balloon. We had spent weeks poring over weather data and wind patterns to find a perfect launch trajectory – one that would see the beer launched over 80,000 feet into the stratosphere. Wind patterns change dramatically from day to day and at different altitudes, and we needed to pick a day that would keep the beer outside of prohibited airspace while also keeping it from landing a thousand miles away or in a body of water or large forest.

We named the beer in an homage to Star Trek’s alternate universe and is a tongue in cheek reference to this beer being something of a departure from our core lagers and sours that have made our name for the past couple of years, while also being a fun journey into a new and exciting style. Therefore, we thought it was appropriate for a can of the beer to go on its own journey to go boldly where few cans have gone before.

We tied the can underneath a weather balloon with cameras strapped to it to record the journey and it rapidly made its ascent through the clouds until it was no longer visible. After that point, the we relied on GPS to track it as it moved rapidly south. We chased the beer south as it flew towards Iowa. It followed I-35 south faster than our cars could.

As the beer climbed ever higher, the lower density of the atmosphere caused the balloon to expand until it eventually exploded, floating back down to earth underneath a parachute. We kept following it through its descent, eventually locating the package in a small field near the Iowa border. We quickly poured the beer in a glass and shared it to celebrate its amazing journey.

Check out the video and photos below!