Where can you find Raspberry Roselle?

Raspberry Roselle


We’ve put the MN Craft Brewer’s Guild Winterfest 2016 Best Beer winner in cans & kegs. Raspberry Roselle is our year-round hibiscus sour saison re-fermented with a whole bunch of raspberries. The result is a fruit-forward, rose-hued beer that’s distinctly juicy and dry, with increased acidity. 5.8 ABV, 10 IBU.Raspberry Roselle

It may be a week before Raspberry Roselle reaches all of its destinations. We strongly encourage you to call the locations below to confirm when they will have Raspberry Roselle in stock or ask us on Twitter if you want to know a specific store’s anticipated delivery date and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.


MN Craft Brewer’s Guild Winterfest 2016 Best Beer winner

The Growler’s 2016 & 2017 Kind-of-a-Big-Deal Awards Best Fruit Beer


The Heavy Table: “Cheerful, holiday-ready raspberry & hibiscus sour ale that’s equal parts novelty, talent, and fun.”

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Roselle 4 Pack-Roselle, the real “champagne of beers.”

-Double Raspberry Roselle, a double-ized version of Roselle with twice the fruit of Raspberry Roselle. 750 ml. bottles are Member-exclusive. On draft at the Taproom on Thursday, December 7. UPDATE: a few cases of Double Raspberry Roselle are available at the Taproom now.