New Bottle Reservations


Hello out there beer drinking friends! I’m writing to let you all know about Fair State’s new procedure and timeline for bottle releases. In the past we have varied up our plans for such releases, and we are trying to make a more standard, less confusing model going forward so that all you fine folks can know when and how to pick up the hippest, shiniest, and newest Fair State bottles!

All bottle releases will include a Member-Owner reservation element to them. We value all of our patrons, but we really want to maximize member benefits and the member experience! What this means is that while we will still be putting new beers on tap on Thursday (can’t be messing with our New Beer Thursdays!), the only bottles that will be available for sale will be member reserved bottles. All reserved bottles will be available to be picked up starting at 4pm on that Thursday and the reservations will be held until the end of Saturday night (or more correctly until 10pm Saturday due to state law).

The larger (unreserved) bottle release will be available to members and non-members alike starting at noon on Saturday of the release week. Just to reiterate about reservation timing, all reservations are only good between Thursday and Saturday, Members who reserved bottles may of course still buy them after that Saturday if supplies last, but they just won’t be reserved anymore.

I hope this clears up any confusion around the bottle reservation and release procedure at the Fair State Taproom. We want to ensure that everyone has a chance to get their hands on a bottle or two, and balance that out with giving our Members an added perk. I have added a timeline below of what will happen and when. Thanks for your attention, I can barely keep my excitement bottled up for all of our future releases!

– Charlie Tonks, Taproom Manager

– – –

Timeline of the release process:

Two weeks prior to release date:
Membership Coordinator informs Members of the release and reservations are offered up.

Week of release:
Thursday: Beer released on tap, ONLY RESERVED BOTTLES may be picked up, even Members can only pick up reserved bottles.

Friday: Beer on tap, ONLY RESERVED BOTTLES may be picked up, even Members can only pick up reserved bottles.

Saturday: Bottles available to the general public, bottle reservations still honored through the end of the day. We will also attempt to keep people updated on social media as to remaining bottle counts in the afternoon/evening.

Sunday: All reservations are only held until the end of bottle availability on Saturday night (10pm due to state law). Starting at noon on Sunday all bottles are available for general sale and are no longer reserved.