National Night Out with Fair State

Fair State invites our Members-Owners to be proactive in their communities while also being leaders in demonstrating our cooperative values. National Night Out is an annual nationwide event that encourages residents to get out in the community, holding block parties and getting to know their neighbors as a way to encourage crime prevention.

So, Fair State wants to help throw your National Night Out block party. Here’s how you can have a chance to get FREE BEER to share with your neighbors & friends.

  1. Submit your application to host a National Night Out block party, or find out if one is already happening in your neighborhood.
  2. Fill out our brief Google form here.

Applications for Twin Cities-area Members can be found here:


St. Paul

In Minneapolis, if you register by July 24 you can block your street for free. If you register from July 25 through July 30, there is a $100 fee. You will not be able to block off your street if registering after July 30.

DEADLINE to apply for free beer is July 31.

This opportunity is for Members of Fair State Co-op. Want to participate? Join in our collective perspective.

Beer Bucket

The Annual Board Bake Off: The Tastiest Throwdown

giantsbane cookiesLast year in the taproom, nine board members competed for the sought after title of Cookie Bake-Off Champion. 

This year, they will return once again to the hallowed halls of Fair State competing to see who can make a tastier bake. The Board members will be at the taproom on Sunday, December 10th, championing their delicious desserts from 2 to 5 pm. What better way to get to know the board than with a cookie in one hand and a beer in the other? 

Come see for yourself what beer will pair best with these free, homemade cookies and which dessert will “take the cake.” Will Julia outdo her macarons dipped in dark chocolate ganache and crushed candy canes to hold on to the trophy for another year? Will Evan’s salted caramel chocolate cookies return? Will Sarah bring back the monster cookies that won her the first title? Also among last year’s treats was Kate’s trio of nutty butter balls, Jason’s “stouties” (shortbread cookies featuring FSB ‘15 and candied ginger), and others. 

cookie champion trophy


This event is family-friendly– for the kids, we’ll have some apple cider to wash down those cookies. For the non-kids, we’ll have our full tap line up plus a special cranberry-orange infused Giantsbane Double Stout. 

So join us, and spend some time with the board over a tasty Fair State beer (or two).


More details in the link below:

Behind the Beer: 7 Principles Pale Ale

7 Principles

7 Principles started as a set of cooperative guidelines. Now, it’s also a beer: A dry-hopped pale ale made with all Minnesota ingredients (hops from Mighty Axe in Foley/Ham Lake, malt from Vertical malt in Fisher, MN). 5.1% ABV, 40 IBU.

“I’m excited about this beer – to me, it’s a bit of a milestone to be able to source quality base malt and pelleted, ready to use hops locally,” Niko, our Head Brewer commented. “We’re sitting at the starting point for an entire industry of small, artisanal producers of raw beer ingredients, and it’s important that breweries support their efforts wherever it is possible to do so. Often local beers lack true locality, a sense (and taste) of place. We have no idea what MN terroir in beer means, but we’re starting to make strides towards figuring it out.”

We used aromatic and pale malt from Vertical malt, which yields a beer with a crisp, slight malt presence and pale golden color. It is hopped in the kettle with Cascade and Columbus hops, and the dry hop is a heavy dose of Columbus. As a result, the beer is pretty dank, with pine and citrus rind in the background.

The name is a reflection of the seven principles that guide our brewery as a cooperative business, operated and democratically controlled by our Member-Owners to meet their common needs and aspirations.

1. Voluntary and Open Membership
Voluntary organizations, open to all persons able to use services and accept the responsibilities of membership.
2. Democratic Member Control
The Democratic organization controlled by members, who actively participate in setting policies and making decisions.
3. Member Economic Participation
Members buy into the cooperative and occasionally receive a return through patronage dividends.
4. Autonomy and Independence
In agreements with other organizations, members maintain democratic control and cooperative autonomy.
5. Education, Training, and Information
Cooperatives provide education and training at all levels to contribute to further cooperative development.
6. Cooperation among Cooperatives
Cooperatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the cooperative movement by working together.
7. Concern for Community
Working for the sustainable development of communities through member approved policies.

The opportunity to become a Member-Owner of Fair State Co-op is open 24/7. Learn more about membership here and check out this sweet deal available through Sunday, 12.3.

Fair State on the Prairie

Fair State & the Minnesota Zoo: A Wild Partnership

By Rose Picklo, QA/QC and Production Tech.

Last Friday I had the privilege of hiking through Glacial Lakes State Park with Cale Nordmeyer of the Minnesota Zoo. My goal was to capture wild yeast; Cale’s, to spot a Regal fritillary. This butterfly is designated as Minnesota Special Concern, meaning that a species is extremely uncommon, or that it has highly unique and specific habitat requirements (Minnesota DNR). The Regal fritillary only lives in tallgrass prairie; Glacial Lakes is part of the 1% of natural prairie remaining in Minnesota.

Glacial Lakes State Park
Glacial Lakes State Park. Photo Credit: Cale Nordmeyer, MN Zoo

Butterflies and the prairie are intertwined. Prairie flowers rely on them for pollination, which occurs as they feed on the flower’s nectar.  As our natural prairies have dwindled, so have species like the Dakota skipper and Poweshiek skipperling. The Dakota skipper is a prairie specialist, unable to survive in any other environment. Until the early 2000s, Dakota skippers were fairly common. Now, they can only be found in declining numbers at one or two other protected sites in the state. The Poweshiek skipperling hasn’t been seen in Minnesota since 2007 and may already be extinct in North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa. Less than 500 Poweshieks may exist globally.

Cale works at the Minnesota Zoo’s Prairie Butterfly Conservation Program, the world’s first and only rearing and breeding program for the endangered Dakota skipper. Studying the Dakota skipper in a modified shipping container, Cale creates miniature habitats with a few blades of grass, wire, and pantyhose. Dakota skippers seem to prefer porcupine grass, with which they build small, volcanic-shaped structures. These structures are necessary for the skipper caterpillars to survive the harsh prairie winters. Cale experiments with other prairie grasses such as big bluestem, little bluestem, and Indian grass to mimic how the test subjects may perform in the wild. It is worth noting Dakota skippers have only been successfully bred since 2014.

Painted Lady on Purple Cone Flower. Photo Credit: Cale Nordmeyer, MN Zoo

Thanks to the Prairie Butterfly Conservation Program, about 200 Dakota skippers were reintroduced to the wild for the very first time this past June. However, the battle for survival is not over yet. Natural prairie sites are small, few and far between. The skippers must manage to actually find a mate within their sites. Even if pairs mate successfully, maintaining genetic diversity in small populations is a struggle without outside gene flow. And if a natural disaster were to occur at one of these isolated sites, that population may be entirely wiped out. Imagine flying hundreds of miles between habitats, battling the elements, dodging predators, finally arriving at a tallgrass prairie site, certain you’re going to find more Dakota skippers like yourself…and realizing you are completely alone.

So what can we do? Vast fields of monocultures and pesticides aren’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future; wild prairie restoration isn’t going to happen overnight. Planting pollinator friendly gardens is a step in the right direction. Some of you may remember Dakota Skipper, our summer saison brewed with prairie grasses and bee balm. Our goal is to raise both awareness and funds for the conservation effort. A beer alone isn’t going to save the butterflies, but it’s a start. 

introducing Member Week!

We are quite proud of the more than 1,000 Member-Owners that are the foundation of our cooperative. These people have supported our business through patronage, our neighbors through volunteer initiatives, our community through social gatherings, and so much more! To highlight and highfive these great folks, we are throwing our first Member Week. April 1-7th will be packed full of events celebrating membership, cooperatives, and coming together around good beer. Everyone is Welcome!
(members get some special deals)

Members First – Potluck Brunch
& Super Member Happy Hour 12-2pm.
Crowler Debut,
Stand-Up Comedy at 8:30,
Member Happy Hour all day.
Cribbage Night 6-8pm,
1/2 off you first beer with another co-op’s card,
Member Happy Hour all day.
Fair State-sponsored music and $2 off all FS pours at 331 Club. Music at 8:30pm.
Co-op Trivia with Tommy.
Fair State Cooperates Planned Parenthood Poster Party 7-9PM. Sign up here.
Member Thank You Party
1/2 off all pours for member-owners, all day!
Member Wall photobooth 4-8pm.

Introducing Saison Derriere




Today we are really excited to announce the next evolution of our sour beer project here at Fair State. We have always been interested in pushing the boundaries of what sour beer can be, and we also love the way in which sour beer allows us to focus our beer on a distinctly local flavor by utilizing yeast and bacteria that are truly unique to our region. Moreover, ever mindful of the involvement our members have always had in our community, we wanted to find a way to democratically involve our members in the creation of these highly local flavors.

So we have thrown caution to the wind. Introducing “Saison Derriere,” a wild open-fermented double citra hopped coolship aged imperial sour pilsner. We installed an open fermenting coolship in each of the men’s and women’s rooms this winter in order to harvest the unique strains of yeast and bacteria produced by our members. As each person has their own personal microbiome of unique gut flora, we wanted to explore what our beer could be if we leveraged this vast array of unique flavors.

We also strive to be great stewards of the environment at Fair State, so all of the water used in brewing “Saison Derriere” was also harvested from our members using what we call the “Water World method” or “Costnerizing.” This method allows us to recapture and harvest the beer sold at our taproom after it has been processed by our customers. In this way we further engage our community to produce our beer, while also substantially reducing our impact on the environment.

Saison Derriere exhibits strong enteric character, one reviewer described it as having a truly “authentic fecal aroma.” Moreover, the overly excessive citra hop character lends a distinct flavor of “tom cat urine.” This beer truly takes Fair State beer in a new direction. Gone are the days of nuanced, well-balanced flavors. Instead, get ready for the bombastic flavors of Saison Derriere.

February with East Side Neighborhood Services


Our February partner is East Side Neighborhood Services (ESNS), a nonprofit human services agency that provides basic needs resources and social services. With a focus on individuals, families, and neighborhoods in Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis. Formed in 1915, the organization recently turned 100, and has helped 11,500 individuals (in 2010 alone) through a broad range of community-based social services.

Every growler purchased in February will send $1 to help ESNS with their great work.

Fair State Cooperates: On Saturday the 6th, ESNS will be hosting their annual Twin Cities Snowshoe Shuffle. Team Fair State, defending champions (of the spirit, and second place finishers), will be competing once more against other local breweries. And while that happens, Fair State Cooperates – our volunteer crew – will be helping ESNS with event day logistics. Keep your eyes open for more ways to get involved with Fair State Cooperates!

Fair State Cooperates – Animal Humane Society



Happy New Year, everybody!

Today we are excited to announce a new program at Fair State, a collaborative effort between the brewery, our member-owners, and the community that we call home.

Introducing Fair State Cooperates. Every month we will be teaming up with a different local organization, as selected by our membership. Starting today, $1 of every growler sale will be donated to our featured partner organization of the month. At some point during the month we will facilitate a volunteer opportunity for our member-owners to help out as best the partner organization sees fit. A chance to put down the pint, and get the hands a little dirty.

final color_AHS logo web ready

To kick things off, our first partner is the Animal Humane Society of Minnesota. Every growler of Fair State beer that you purchase in January will help to fund the important work that they do with our fuzzy friends. In lieu of a large volunteer event, the Animal Humane Society has asked us to run a drive to collect much needed items for the animals. This could include anything from leashes and toys, to treats and cleaning supplies. There is an extensive list of super helpful items (much you’d never think of) available here. Please take a look and see what you can do to help. We will be collecting these items in the taproom throughout the month of January.

For more information, please visit the links below or stop by the taproom. We have a variety of materials on hand. If you are interest in getting more involved with the Animal Humane Society,  there are opportunities for individuals to volunteer and become important contributors to the lives of these animals.

Stay tuned for more events and opportunities with Fair State Cooperates. And thank you for being such an awesome and supportive community! We are excited for all the good things to come.

Last October at our annual meeting, member-owners created a list of organizations that they would like to work with for fundraising and volunteer initiatives in the year to come. If you have any questions or wish to nominate an organization, please contact our member coordinator Davin Haukebo-Bol at

List of needed items

Animal Humane Society