Behind the Beer: Mirror Universe

Haze is a contentious topic these days in the beer world. Once the enemy of all brewers, haze is now an aspect to be carefully cultivated and pushed to extremes. The Hazy IPA, also known as a New England IPA, is the latest in a long line of beer styles that takes the wisdom about appropriate hop rates and then, obliterates it. The cautious, European-inspired brewer within us cries out when we dry-hop a beer with more than five pounds per barrel of the choicest high-oil dank-sauce gnar-gnar hop-pow, but we did it anyway and we made it good. 


Mirror Universe is the spiritual successor to Spirit Foul. As such, it’s hazy as can be, brewed with an unusual water profile and a ridiculously high-protein wheat and oat forward malt bill, fermented with the fruitiest of ale yeasts, and double dry hopped with Mosaic, Citra, and El Dorado. This beer explodes with hop aroma: tropical, fruity, juicy, all the things. Soft bitterness and big mouthfeel round out the experience.


Mirror Universe will be available on shelves for the months of March, April, and at least part of May, before disappearing for the summer months (more on our updated Citra Pale Ale, Pahlay’Ahlay, soon!), and reappearing in the fall months.




You may also notice that while Mirror Universe is on the shelves, we’ll be producing variants of it solely for sale at our Taproom in Northeast Minneapolis. Those bottles will be small batch experimental beers that will hopefully allow us to do some very unorthodox things with hops, malt, and fruit.


As with all beers of this variety, we ask but one thing of you, beer drinker: keep this one cold and drink it fresh. Avoid the temptation to sock one away for later, and don’t worry if you miss that primo ‘gram opportunity. There will be a next time. We’ll make more for you, we swear.


So, where can you find it?

Mirror Universe will be distributed throughout the week of March 13 – March 16. Call ahead to make sure your beer store of choice has it in stock!