Berry Pick for Beer


This last Sunday we rallied a bunch of Fair State members and friends at Lorence’s Berry Farm just outside of Northfield, MN. The day was beautiful and the bugs were at an acceptable level. Our goal was to harvest a bunch of raspberries for use in an upcoming sour beer.


With a combination of volunteers and staff, we had a total of 19 pickers. We were at it for about 2.5 hours, but our labors should prove fruitful.


The folks at Lorence’s were a delight to work with. Between the collaborative effort of our members, friends, staff, and a hands-on local harvest, I think we will have something pretty special with this beer.


Keep your eyes peeled for U Pick, a mixed culture barrel-aged sour, re-fermented on 280lbs of raspberries. To be release in 750ml bottles and draft late Fall.