Searching for a Clarity of Purpose with Surly Brewing Company

Cans of our newest IPA, Clarity of Purpose, hit shelves today!

Clarity of Purpose is a collaboration with Surly, and a distinctly haze-free New England style IPA. All the juicy hop aroma and flavor you crave, with the low turbidity of more traditional American IPAs. This idea came from conversations Fair State co-founder and head brewer Niko had with Surly Brewing Company’s head brewers Ben Smith and Jerrod Johnson. They wanted to examine if the haze for its own sake is the important part of the hazy IPA style, or if other elements contribute more to the appeal of the style. As such, they created a beer that tried to capture those elements: full body, juicy flavor, intense hop aroma, and low bitterness, but without the haze.


In order to accomplish their goal, our intrepid brewers used a combination of unique processes and ingredients to reduce the protein and polyphenol levels of the final product in order to reduce the haze to more traditional levels. They used a malt, Crisp Clear Choice, specifically grown to be polyphenol free. Adjuncts, such as flaked corn, were chosen for their low protein levels. Additionally, haze was reduced by using vegan-friendly finings and conditioning the beer at low temps after dry hopping to drop as many solids out of suspension as possible. Finally, the beer was run through a centrifuge to separate remaining solids. This resulted in a nearly haze free beer. To get the hop characteristics characteristic of the style, Clarity of Purpose was heavily dry-hopped, with almost no hopping in the kettle or whirlpool. This drives hop aroma and flavor while keeping bitterness low, a key flavor part of the style.


Try this limited availability collaboration while you can! Check our social media for tappings around the state and the map below for stores that will receive product this week. Call ahead to check on delivery days and to ensure availability!