Respecting Our Partners & Community

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This month our Fair State Cooperates partner is Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood, as with all other twelve 2018 partners, was nominated and selected by our member-owners. Fair State Cooperates is, in many ways, one of the purest expressions of our organization’s democratic ethos – our member-owners dictate how they want Fair State to support the community. We are proud to stand by our partners, and we are proud to support Planned Parenthood’s efforts to promote reproductive and sexual health to millions of Americans.

Our support of Planned Parenthood has sparked a vigorous debate on social media. We are happy to see the discussion and welcome the criticism from those who disagree with Planned Parenthood’s mission. At Fair State, we believe in fostering challenging, vibrant discussions between people—hopefully over a beer. However, we want to make sure that during these discussions, Fair State’s members uphold one of our core values: respect. Insults will not move our conversation forward or foster the understanding we hope to build. Even when we disagree strongly, even about issues that are core to who we are, we must engage with each other on a foundation of mutual compassion and respect. We expect all members of our community – employees, member-owners, or just fans of our beer – to treat all voices with care.



We encourage you to talk about your values with those in your personal life and the wider community. If you’d like to talk with Fair State’s leadership or have questions about our cooperative model, please email and we’ll connect you to the appropriate staff member.

Thank you, and cheers.

Evan Sallee

Co-founder, President, & CEO