Produce Distribution with SACA

This month the Fair State Cooperators are helping out with¬†SACA Food Shelf & Thrift Store. During these late Summer months, SACA receives shipments of fresh produce from local farms on six separate occasions. The produce is then given out in SACA‘s parking lot.¬†Last year, over the course of six Saturdays, they gave out over 42,000 pounds of food and averaged 225 families and households per Saturday.

This is where the Cooperators come in. On the morning of Saturday, August 12th, we will be bagging, handing out, and carrying the produce out to the cars. If it’s hot, we’ll put up canopies. If it rains, we will work inside the warehouse. Our volunteers are ready for everything!


We had a lovely morning for handing out food with SACA. Our volunteers spread out and covered the different tasks that helped send the fresh produce on its way to various homes.

We had an incredible amount of food to hand out. Bags full of cans, boxes of asparagus, pallets of cucumbers. Okay, just one pallet of cucumbers, but that is a lot, and hand it out we did.

Some folks with limited mobility needed a hand with their bags. That was always my favorite part. I walked with them, down the line of bountiful tables, and they could pick out which fruit and vegetables they wanted. In doing so we would exchange names and have a friendly little conversation. The people were always so grateful for the food, and the extra hand. I couldn’t help but smiling a big silly grin the whole time.

In a relatively quick time, the Cooperators, and some other organizations, managed to distribute healthy and fresh produce to over 250 families. I’d say that’s a pretty nice little Saturday.