Member Homebrew Challenge Results

Here it is folks, the results from our very first, and quite likely annual, Member Homebrew Challenge!

First off, a note on the process. Our judging panel was comprised of brewers Niko and Caleb, as well as our president Evan. They approached the bottles with clean pallets early on Friday afternoon. We received a variety of styles, though as mentioned before this is a Best in Show competition. There was loads of great stuff and it made for a fun afternoon! As with presidential elections, king of the hill, and highlander, there can only be one. So without further adieu, our winner…

Kyle Schmidt stole our mouth-hearts with his Pale Lager featuring Hallertau Blanc Hops.  We will be scheduling a brewday with Kyle, and you can keep your tastebuds prepped for this upcoming homebrew gone big!

You folks gave us some tasty stuff! There are a few other beers and people that deserve some recognition.
2nd Place:
Tom Berg, Dortmunder Style Lager
3rd Place:
Raymond Boyle, “Hops and Oats,” Oatmeal Stout
Honorable Mention:
Matt Jones, Belgian Golden Saison
A big thanks to all of the members that participated in our first homebrew challenge! It was a great success, and enjoyed seeing what you have been working on. Happy brewing!