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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant: Request for Proposals

About Fair State Brewing Cooperative 

Fair State Brewing Cooperative, founded in 2014, is one of the first consumer-owned cooperative breweries in the country. Last year, we became the first unionized microbrewery in the country. We operate a production facility in Saint Paul and a taproom in Northeast Minneapolis and employ about 35 staff members. 


Project description 

Fair State is in the process of developing comprehensive policies around HR practices and company culture more broadly. As we engage in that work, we are seeking to hire a DEI consultant to ensure that our policies and practices are grounded in DEI best practices, and to work together with us to create a DEI strategic plan for our company. 


Project goals & scope of work 

As we shape and formalize our company-wide processes around culture and HR, we want to ensure that those processes are guided by DEI best practices while maintaining legal compliance and meeting the contractual agreements of our union contract. We are looking for a consultant to work with us to produce the following outcomes and deliverables: 

  • Audit/baseline review of Fair State’s current DEI baseline. 
  • Review and recommendations of hiring, onboarding, and raise/promotion processes. 
  • Planning and execution for any staff and/or manager trainings.  
  • Creation of DEI guiding principles to use for future analysis of process changes. 


Consultant qualifications  

  • Experience working with small to mid-sized companies or organizations to create DEI strategic plans.  
  • Experience working with companies with both a service industry and production work environment is preferable but not required.  
  • Experience working within startup environments is similarly preferable but not required. 
  • Experience working with companies with unionized staff and/or consumer-owned cooperatives is preferable but not required. 
  • HR compliance knowledge is preferable not required. 


Submission requirements  

Submissions should include the following:  

  • Describe your experience and professional background, and the experience of your team (if applicable). 
  • Describe your experience and approach for providing DEI planning services to similar companies or organizations. 
  • Explain your proposed process, including estimated hours required, for providing these services for Fair State. 
  • Include a work schedule that identifies meeting dates, time frames for major work elements, target dates for key milestones and dates for completion of a draft and final plan.  
  • A proposed detailed budget for these services.  
  • Contact information for two organizations for which you have provided similar services. 

Please provide a budget that includes the following:  

  • Number of estimated hours for each step in your anticipated process 
  • Billing rate per hour 
  • Any additional expenses anticipated, if applicable 


Application and selection schedule 

The RFP timeline is as follows:  

  • Submission deadline: 11/09/2021 by 5:00PM  
  • Top consultant candidates will be asked to interview in the last week of November.  
  • Selection of consultant: 12/10/2021  


How to submit your RFP 

Applicants should submit their completed proposal and a letter of interest as a PDF to [email protected]. Any questions or feedback about this process can be sent to [email protected]