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Keep It KÖLD: Kölsch Service

9.17.23 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Enjoy unlimited kölsch service for $20! Take a seat anywhere in the taproom or beer garden and our bartenders will keep your beer as cold and fresh as possible until you’ve had your fill. Plus you get to keep the glass!

Outside of this event, kölsch service is always available from our bar seats during taproom hours.

About Kölsch Service

Originating in Köln, Germany, kölsch is traditionally served in a tall, thin glass. The server carries eleven or twelve glasses on a circular tray resembling a crown or wreath. Instead of waiting for the drinker to order a refill, the server immediately replaces an empty glass with a full one, marking a tick on their coaster. If the drinker does not want another refill, they place the coaster on top of the empty glass and pay for the number of beers marked on the coaster. The goal: to keep your beer as cold and fresh as possible.

About KÖLD

KÖLD is our interpretation of the classic German Kölsch ale: golden, crispy, and refreshing. We brewed KÖLD for every day drinking, with an eye towards the social aspects of drinking—fun had with friends old and new, shared experiences, and conviviality. Brewed with a particular German ale yeast that brings hints of fruitiness to a malty–but–not–sweet body and restrained hopping, KÖLD is an eminently crushable study in balance.

Available on tap and in crowlers at the taproom, and in 12-packs and 6-packs in distribution. Find Fair State in stores near you.