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cry baby clay DIY Stein Night

2.11.21 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

DIY Stein Night with cry baby clay

Since the start of the pandemic, cry baby clay has been creating clay kits for folks to make ceramic art in the comfort of their own home! No kiln? No problem. Katie, cry baby clay’s creative mastermind, takes the finished products fires the pieces to complete the process. We’re big fans of her ingenuity and how she’s made a creative outlet available to anyone who wants to participate. Needless to say, we’re thrilled that we’re partnering up to make DIY Stein Kits!

1. Order your kit now from cry baby clay and choose your glazes
2. Pick up your kit at the taproom anytime we’re open from 2/9-2/11.
3. Tune in to a Happy Hour + Stein-Creating Tutorial over Zoom on February 11th at 6pm (optional, but fun!).
4. Return your finished piece of work to our taproom by 2/25.
5. Pick up your piece of work at the taproom and enjoy your brand-new stein, MADE BY YOU.