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Cellar Saturday

11.13.21 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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In addition to what we have on tap, we’re pouring limited-edition bottles every Saturday during a new event called Cellar Saturdays. Try this weekend’s brews!

East of the Andes
Wood-aged Imperial Stout | 11.75 ABV
An imperial stout meets Cinnamon Toast Crunch, meets French toast, meets a classy spiced rum.

Freak Gasoline Fight Accident
Barrel-aged Stout | 14 ABV
Did you ever think that maybe there’s more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good tasting? We haven’t. Inspired by the orange mocha drinks enjoyed by the finest male models everywhere, Freak Gasoline Fight Accident is a collaboration with Blackstack Brewing. Earth to Meekus, it’s a barrel-aged stout, okay? Earth to Brint, it also has lactose, chocolate, coffee, and a hint of bitter orange, okay?

Methode Traditionelle 2019
Unblended Lambic-style Sour | 6.1 ABV
This beer is made using traditional Lambic brewing techniques, including turbid mashing and spontaneous fermentation. I find this process fascinating, and the resulting beer even moreso. It’s so interesting to see how local microflora can impact a beer so significantly. This is my first time trying a beer spontaneously fermented in Minnesota. The layers of mango lassi, sage, and petrichor blend quite nicely. Pairs well with the scent of freshly fallen leaves in the beer garden this Saturday. —Zach, Innovation Brewer

Vanilla is Baseline
Double Barrel–aged Imperial Stout | 11.5 ABV
This beer began life as a simple imperial stout, which was then aged in whiskey barrels with a little vanilla, blended with fresh stout to boost ABV, body, and residual sweetness, and slapped back in a different set of whiskey barrels to soak up even more spirit character. We then added an unreasonable amount of vanilla beans to those barrels, and this is the result.