Summer is Crank!n’ Foamers Season

You’re heading to a barbecue, the beach, your buddy’s softball game. You want to throw some beer in your backpack before you hit the road. That’s when you’re gonna want Crank!n’ Foamers in your fridge.

Crank!n’ Foamers is a fun marriage of super traditional technique and modern ingredients–we’re using a cereal mash, where we start with actual factual corn grits, boil them for half an hour, and then add them to the mash. Want some beer nerd history to whip out at that BBQ? That process would have been used by brewers in America to take advantage of local produce and extend more expensive barley malt a little further. And somewhere along the way it became a defining characteristic of American lager brewing.

Now we’re doing it (as a collab with our pals at Modern Times Beer!) because corn lagers are fun and they taste good and they remind us of summer beer drinking. Crack one on a hot day next to the lake–we think you’ll agree.


Crank!n’ Foamers is now available at a craft beer retailer near you.
We strongly suggest calling the retailer ahead of time to check their current availability.