Fair State Co-op Hard Water Brewed Seltzer


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Fair State Brewing Cooperative releases Hard Water Brewed Seltzer for distribution in Minnesota on April 1, 2019. Hard Water Brewed Seltzer is a bubbly-water party starter crafted with whole ingredients and just enough party to make it pop.

Consumers have driven explosive growth in hard seltzer over the last two years, and a number of craft breweries, international spirits conglomerates, and corporate macro breweries have jumped into the category to meet demand. Fair State Brewing Cooperative has developed a product that honors the Co-op’s commitment to brewing a quality product with craft and integrity and that gives consumers something genuinely different.

Hard Water Brewed Seltzer celebrates the fun side of seltzers with bright, striking packaging, sophisticated flavors made from whole ingredients, and a 16-oz “tallboy” format that’s perfect for patio season, backyard barbeques, and concerts.

Hard Water Brewed Seltzer is available in two flavors: Lemongrass + Ginger + Lemon and Hibiscus + Orange Zest. Both are brewed with whole, real ingredients that give the seltzers distinctive colors, unlike clear seltzers made from processed extracts. “The ‘whole ingredients’ thing was a choice that had to get made pretty early on,” said Head Brewer and Co-Founder Niko Tonks. “In the end, I’m happy to produce a product that doesn’t look like our competitors.” The Co-op fell in love with hibiscus when it created Roselle, a tart and floral beer brewed with hibiscus, and to date has brewed several beers with lemongrass, including LӒCTOBӒC, a refreshing sour beer that also included ginger, and Party Forward, a hazy IPA.  Lemongrass + Ginger + Lemon Hard Water Brewed Seltzer pairs exceptionally well with Pad Thai and Hibiscus + Orange Zest is the perfect companion to a piece of decadent chocolate cake.




The Return of Mirror Universe


Mirror Universe is a Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA brewed with wheat, oats, and far too many Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops. We’ve really missed this one. So much so, that we decided to bring it back as a year ’round beer.

Mirror Universe is the spiritual successor to Spirit Føul. As such, it’s hazy as can be, brewed with an unusual water profile and a ridiculously high-protein wheat and oat forward malt bill, fermented with the fruitiest of ale yeasts, and double dry hopped with Mosaic, Citra, and El Dorado. This beer explodes with hop aroma: tropical, fruity, juicy, all the things. Soft bitterness and big mouthfeel round out the experience.

As with all beers of this variety, we ask but one thing of you, beer drinker: keep this one cold and drink it fresh. Avoid the temptation to sock one away for later, and don’t worry if you miss that primo ‘gram opportunity because Mirror Universe is here for good. #donthazemebro


Watch Mirror Universe make its return to earth here: