Behind the Beer: Vienna Lager

Vienna Lager Cans


Head Brewer Niko Tonks riffs on Vienna Lager.

Here at Fair State Cooperative, we do tend to go on (and on) about lager bier, but bear with us because we’ve got an exciting topic to talk about today: Vienna Lager. This, friends, is Beer-Flavored Beer. It’s beer for those of us who enjoy drinking beer, especially in the company of friends, and especially while in pursuit of the finer things in life. Fair State Vienna Lager has depth, it’s malty but not sweet, it’s crisp and refreshing, and it’s the perfect companion for every beer-drinking occasion.

Beer is a marvelous thing but, in my humble opinion, its virtues are often misstated or just misunderstood. I think that beer is at its finest when brewed in support of the German concept of gemütlichkeit, meaning  “geniality,” “good cheer,” or “friendliness.” Beer is a social beverage–  we do it, and ourselves, a disservice when we treat it otherwise. The best way to get to the core of a beer is to sit down with friends and have a (full) pint or two of it and reserve judgment as best you can, at least for a couple of minutes. Words to live by, really.Vienna Lager

Vienna Lager has been a perennial favorite in our taproom, and it’s the sort of thing we keep in our fridges at home. We are excited to finally bring it to your cooler, fridge, or historically accurate lager cellar (if you have one of those, please call us, we’d like to hang out). This beer-flavored beer is about to be everywhere. You should be able to find it at your local liquor store without worry. Best of all,  we don’t anticipate running out of the experimental ingredients it (doesn’t) rely on for production. Craft beer is an adventure, and while the treasure hunt is an integral part of that adventure, so is the everyday joy of having a simple, reliable pint with friends. We hope you agree, and maybe we can talk it out over a fine lager bier one of these days. 

Serve this one in a dimpled mug, lager glass, or shaker pint.


Cans: Vienna Lager (year-round flagship), Pils (year-round flagship), Keller Kazbek (September 2018)

On draftVienna Lager, Pils


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