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Dry-hopped Table Beer

We’ve gotten really tired of having car doors that open up, not out, and so we brewed this total whale of a beer to put us back on top. Dry hopped mixed fermentation table beer will do that every time, right?

RE-BILLIONIZING is a blend of barrel-aged saison and fresh wort, fermented with our favorite saison yeast and our house mixed culture, and then dry-hopped and naturally conditioned. Brewed with oats, wheat, spelt, and a hefty dose of European hops, it is zippy, funky, bone dry, hoppy, and ideally suited for all day, every day drinking.

Tasting Notes

Skunky funky crispy zippy bitter dry crackery goodness



Process Notes

Blended barrel aged beer into fresh wort, dry hopped, bottle conditioned